Why RentPlex?

How RentPlex Helps Property Owners And Renters

The Big Idea

RentPlex wants to create a rental ecosystem: A place where landlords, renters and service providers work together. We’ve create a mostly free online rental site with no subscriptions, no sign-up costs where landlords can manage their rentals, tenants can find their dream place, and vendors can find work and make life easier for landlords and tenants. Renting has never been so awesome!

Why property owners will love RentPlex

We solve nearly all of the challenges involved with the rental life cycle: Marketing, tenant screening, documents storage and creation, repair management, finance management, and logical reminders. Think of RentPlex like a fresh all-you-can-eat buffet of rental tools that turn on the auto-pilot. Sit back, relax. We'll do all the hard work for you.

A Renter’s Life Just Got Easy

Wouldn’t it be great to see all the information behind the rental ad? We’ll give you X-ray vision. And once you do find your dream place, we’ll help you connect with your landlord, so that you can easily share information, pay rent online, view payment history, create repair tickets and see the resolution process. Renting has never been so good!

We Get Service Providers Work

The days of marketing your services and hoping someone calls are over. Set up your profile and tell us what you do and where you do it and we’ll send work to you. Bid on the work that interests you. I’m talking to you contractors, handyman, CPA’s, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, process servers, and real estate agents, etc. Check us out and get a whole lot busier.